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Best beginner months for Surf Camp Tenerife Best beginner months
Year around
Best advanced months for Surf Camp Tenerife Best advanced months
October - April
Instructor student ratio for Surf Camp Tenerife Instructor student ratio
Standard accommodation for Surf Camp Tenerife Standard accommodation
Shared room
Upgraded accommodation for Surf Camp Tenerife Upgraded accommodation
Private room
Beach distance for Surf Camp Tenerife Beach distance
100 m
City distance for Surf Camp Tenerife City distance
10 min drive


Surf camp Tenerife

Our selection of Surf Camp Tenerife options offer an all-inclusive surf vacation in luxury surf villas with swimming pools, across the island of Tenerife.

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Islands. Commonly known as the Hawaii of Europe, the Canary Islands is located 100 km off the Moroccan coast, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where the swell is big all year around. The Canaries are known for its year round warm temperatures and guaranteed sun. With warm waters and beautiful, diverse landscapes, it is the perfect place to learn how to surf.

There are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs from every corner of the world and it is the perfect place to meet new people and to do some bar hopping. You can also drive into the mountains where you'll find some genuine Spanish culture as well as some mouth watering Canarian food.

Tenerife has all kinds of different surf spots from perfect left and right reef breaks, beach breaks and fast hollow left and right handers. It is a perfect place for beginners to learn how to surf as well as for intermediate and advanced surfers to push their level.

The Climate is sub tropic which means that in winter the air temperature seldom reaches below 20 degrees C, in summer it is even hotter.

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Surf school

Learn how to surf

Our surf schools usually holds classes at the beautiful beach break El Socorro or the reef breaks of Playa de las Americas. These beaches have soft waves which helps beginners take their first steps in standing up and riding waves whilst having fun at the same time.

With dedicated and experienced instructors who are also qualified lifeguards and speak various languages, you will learn to surf in a safe and fun environment. Each instructor will teach a maximum of 6 students at the same time ensuring that you receive the full attention you need to develop your surfing skills.

The following is included for students attending the surf school:

  • 4h surf classes (2 hours 2 times/day if and when the conditions or the tides are ok), 6 days per week
  • All surf equipment needed

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Guided surf trips

Surfari is a great option for more experienced surfers and some of our surf schools offer this. Every day there is a different swell, a different wind etc.Every day you will be transported to the best wave of the day, no matter where about that is on the island.

You will be accompanied by professional local surf guides. They will tell you all about the spots, how to get in and out, the currents, type of wave, etc. They will also give you feedback on how to improve your surfing skills.

There are lots of different surf spots where you can end up surfing if you book a surfari. Some of the most famous breaks you might visit are La Izquierda, La Derecha, Alcala, El Medano, La Fitenia and El Socorro.

The following is included in the surfari:

  • Surfaris with a local guide 6 days per week (surf equipment not included)
  • Transportation to the best waves of the day
  • Breakfast

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Surf camp accomodation

Our accommodation options are located across the Island. The surf camps is made up of Villas and have a front yard with a pool, skateboard ramp, hammock and palm trees to top the relaxing terraces where you have an amazing view of the ocean.

Surf camps always has a great atmosphere and offers a great opportunity to meet different surfers from all over the world, to share experiences and have a good time.

All our surf camps have a selection of dorm rooms based on people sharing (standard accommodation) and private double rooms (upgraded accommodation).

All surf camps have a large kitchen and large recreational areas with added extras such as Barbecues, Ping Pong table, Volleyball, Indo board, and a skate ramp. There is also WiFi internet access, TV and DVD available.

Breakfast is included for all guests, consisting of toast (with jam, butter, marmalade etc.), fruit, cereals, biscuits, tea, coffee and milk.

If you, or someone in your party, don't plan to surf, you can choose 'Accommodation only', which includes accommodation and breakfast.

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How to get here

Arrival to Tenerife is usually done by air. Tenerife has 2 airports; Tenerife South/Reina Sofia (TFS) and Tenerife North/Los Rodeos (TFN).

All our surf camp options provide transfers from the airport direct to their camp. Please check each individual camp for their terms of transfer.

Tenerife has for a long time been a high profile tourist destination. This means that you can usually find cheap charter flight-tickets. You can also find lots of regular flights (usually via Madrid) from all major European cities. Check with your local travel agency or online to find good deals from your hometown.

It is also possible to arrive to Tenerife by ferry from either Fuerteventura or Gran Canaria.

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Prices for 7 nights/days Standard Accommodation Upgraded Accommodation
Surf School 375 EUR 450 EUR
Surfari 375 EUR 450 EUR
Accommodation only 150 EUR 225 EUR

Price conditions:

  • All prices above are stated in terms of price per person and week (7 nights/days).
  • If you book more than 7 days you receive 10% discount from day 8 an onward.
  • If you book less than 7 days your daily price is calculated as the week price divided by 6.
  • The minimum stay is 2 nights/days.
  • Prices for upgraded accommodation is based on a minimum of 2 people per booking.
  • Single travelers may book upgraded accommodation to a supplement cost of 10 EUR per night.