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Best beginner months for Surf Camp Norway Best beginner months
Mar - Sep
Best advanced months for Surf Camp Norway Best advanced months
Sep - Nov
Instructor student ratio for Surf Camp Norway Instructor student ratio
Standard accommodation for Surf Camp Norway Standard accommodation
3 or 4 people dorms
Upgraded accommodation for Surf Camp Norway Upgraded accommodation
Double room
Beach distance for Surf Camp Norway Beach distance
City distance for Surf Camp Norway City distance
Ã…lesund 136 km


Surf camp Norway

Surf camp Norway is located in Hoddevik, on the most westerly point in Norway. With its unique coastal landscape, beautiful beaches between steep mountain slopes and the majestic sea this area is one of the most idyllic places in Norway.

The main surf spot is Hoddevik which is a big beach break that handles swell up to 3 meters. The other spot is Ervik which also is a beach break, this break handles even more swell.

From March to September the size is from 0,5 to 2 meters. The ideal size is around head high. Autumn is the best time of the year for advanced surfers, with consistent and powerful swell pumping in from the north Atlantic. For beginners the best conditions is from March to September. From September and on the swell gets bigger and you can get waves up to 8-10 meters. For those who like to search there are also a few secret spots like reefs and point breaks in the area.

The average air temperature of the summer months is 15 degrees C. In autumn and spring the average temperature is around 10 degrees C. Water temperature is around 5-10 degrees C from March to the middle of June, from June and during the fall it goes up to 10-15 degrees C, so we use pretty much full suits with gloves, boots and hoodie all year to keep warm in the amazing and raw nature.

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Surf school

Learn how to surf

The surf school in Hoddevik offers the perfect set-up for those who want to learn to surf or improve your surfing. We have experienced instructors who will put you on the right track, help you to quickly get up on the surfboard and do everything right from the start. Taking a course means you will avoid making the most common mistakes and get going quicker with a clearer idea of what to do.

The surf school is based on 2 hours instruction and free use of a complete set of equipment for a whole day. This means you can try surfing on your own after the lesson if you wish.

As mentioned the surf school has something for the novice as well as the more experienced surfer and divides individuals in to levels 1 or 2 depending on experience; where level 1 is the for the novice. This is to make sure you get the right instructions for your best development at the present time. If you are unsure about which course to choose you can always change group after a consultation with our instructors.

The surf school package includes:

  • Accommodation - standard or upgraded
  • Surfboards, wetsuits etc.
  • 2 hours of surf lessons per day
  • Transport to and from surf spots
  • Free use of surf equipment every day after surf lessons
  • Free use of kitchen facilities
  • Free WiFi

If you have arranged your own accommodation, you can also book surf lessons only or rent surf equippment.

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Guided surf trips

Surfaris are guided surf trips for advanced surfers. Surf Camp Norway does not offer any surfaris. However, the surf school alternative is designed for more experienced surfers as well.

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Surf camp accomodation

The accommodation is in two different traditional Norwegian buildings that blends well with its surroundings. They are perfectly situated down in Hoddevik, only a few minutes from the beach and offers both standard and upgraded accomodation.

Standard accommodation consists of dorms with room for 3-4 people which is a good way to get to know people. They are suitable for everyone from single travelers to groups of friends and families.

The upgraded option is double rooms at the surf camp for a more private stay but still sharing the camp facilities and hanging out with all other guest.

The surf camp consists of two houses.The main surf house has space for 20 people in dorms and double rooms sharing a large communal kitchen. The garden is perfect for activities such as sunbathing, barbeques and relaxation. There is a wood-fired hot-tub, a sun terrace and lots of space to sit and take it easy. The large TV- room is perfect for those who feel like watching a film together after a long day in the water. There is also a mini ramp here and a large lawn for those who still want active things to do after surfing.

The second surf house is a bit smaller and is situated a few hundred meters from the main surf house. The house consists of 1 double room (twin beds), 1 three bed room, 1 family room with 1 double bed and one bunk bed, and 1 three bed room. the house also has a nice kitchen, living room, shared bathrooms in hallway and a new terrace surrounding the house.

The accommodation is prioritized for surfers.Depending on the availability, guests traveling together with someone who is booking a full surf package can be accepted to just book the accommodation.

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How to get here

Arrival to the surf camp can be done by several means of transport. Here are some suggestions:

BY AIR: To Bergen airport (BGO) and then the bus to the city center from where you can take the express ferry to Selje. You can also fly to Ã…lesund (3 hours by bus north of Hoddevik) or Sandane, which is 1.5 hour drive from the camp.

BY CAR: If you prefer to drive, there are good road connections to Stadlandet(The peninsula where Hoddivika is located). It takes around 8 hours to drive from Oslo and 12 hours from both Gothenburg and Stockholm.

BY BUS:You can get to Maurstad from Oslo and from several other Norwegian towns. We can pick you up in

BY BOAT: From Bergen you could take the express ferry to Selje, which leaves twice a day, every day. The journey takes around 5 hours and it is a lovely trip.

TRANSFER: We can pick you up in Maurstad, Selje or Leikanger. Exact prices are available when you book.

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Prices for 7 nights/days Standard Accommodation Upgraded Accommodation
Surf School 577 EUR 640 EUR
Accommodation only 273 EUR 357 EUR

Price conditions:

  • All prices above are stated in terms of price per person and week (7 nights/days).
  • If you book more than 7 days you receive 10% discount from day 8 an onward.
  • If you book less than 7 days your daily price is calculated as the week price divided by 6.
  • The minimum stay is 2 nights/days.
  • Prices for upgraded accommodation is based on a minimum of 2 people per booking.

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