Responsible surf Travel

Caring for our planet and it's inhabitants is a natural part of United Surf Camps DNA. We started this business based on our passion of travel, surfing and connecting with nature and different cultures.

Responsible surf travel is all about minimizing the negative impact of accessing good waves and maximizing your connection with people and the environment during your stay.

We have chosen 4 focus areas related to surf travel where we commit to make a difference via our field partners. Why don't you help us?

1. Surf Safety

All surf instructors are trained in first aid and always have "Safety first" as the guiding principle. We support the development of the lifesaving skills via our sponsorship of Surf Life Saving Foundation.

2. Carbon Neutral Travel

We offset all or own business trips and offer a simple off-setting solution, enabling Carbon Neutral Travel, for our customers.

3. Community Investments

Direct investments in local managed surf business in developing countries and indirect community investments via our Micro Credit lending team.

4. Ocean and Beach Preservation

We take active stand in the fight for clean oceans and beach access e.g. via sponsorship of the Surfrider Foundation.