Our Vision

A world of smiling people, grateful for the waves and everything else Mother Nature has to offer.

Our Mission

Making people smile of surfing, by providing easy and secure bookings at carefully selected surf camps worldwide.

Our Offering

We are committed to offer our customers:

  1. Best value for money
  2. Flexible booking conditions
  3. Responsible surf travel

Our History

The company was founded 2005 by Nordic surfers Robert Sabelstrom and Johan Sigurdson.

We went travelling in Asia and the pacific during 2003 and came across the fascinating sport of surfing and came to spend some time paddling around the beaches around Bali and eastern Australia. The thing grew on us and when we got back from the trip we wanted more.

When we looked for surf camps on the Internet we saw that they requested that you made a reservation beforehand. We also felt that the conditions under which this was conducted (manual transfer of 100% deposits to foreign banks etc.) didn't feel all that good, or at least wasn't easy. After getting to know the people at the camp we stayed at they welcomed the idea of building a booking system that made the Internet business easier, and so we did.
We also wanted to try out the waves of other locations so we started an exciting treasure hunt with the objective to find the very best surf camp in each surf zone of the world and offer them to be part of the United Surf Camp family.

This surely has got us closer to the waves, we hope that it'll get you there in the same way.